Running TurboPower ProActivate on 64-bit Windows

I have been using the old TurboPower ProActivate product to license my software for years.  TurboPower went out of business years ago but that wasn’t important because the software just kept working.  Well time advances and I am finally migrating my development workstation from 32-bit Windows XP to 64-bit Windows 7.  Lo and behold, when I try to install ProActivate on the new workstation, I find out that the installer (setup.exe) is a 16-bit program, which cannot run on a 64-bit OS.  What to do?

It turns out that all I needed to do what this:

  1. Copy \Program Files\TurboPower\ProActivate to the new workstation.
  2. Copy appobj.dll and licobj.dll from \windows\system32 on the old workstation to \windows\syswow64 on the new workstation.
  3. Use regsvr32 to register appobj.dll and licobj.dll on the new workstation.
  4. Copy the TurboPower\ProActivate folder from the start menu on the old workstation to the start menu on the new workstation.

Et, voila.  Everything works!

Dodged a bullet there. :)

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