Delphi Compiling All Delphi Sources When a User Project is Compiled

Strange things just seem to happen to me.  I was experimenting with dynamically loaded run time packages and I wanted to include patched versions of some of Delphi’s units in my run time package.  So, I removed vcl.dcp from the Requires list and added the various Delphi units that I needed to the Contains list for the package.  Everything worked just the way I wanted.  My run time package used all of the Delphi run time units except for vcl.bpl.  Unfortunately, from this point on, every time I tried to compile one of my other projects, Delphi insisted on compiling all of the Delphi units in addition to my own.  Turns out, sometime during my attempts to force patched versions of the Delphi source to be used by my run time package, ($BDS)\source\win32\vcl got added to the IDE’s library path.  Once I removed that from the libaray path, everything went back to normal.  Weird!!

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