Scaling Between Large and Small Fonts

I recently needed to be certain that my Delphi application would work the same whether the user selected ‘Normal” or ‘Large’ fonts in their Windows display properties.  I read the documentation and it appeared as though is should all work reasonably well  as long as the form’s Scaled property were True.  So, I set the property to True, changed my system to large fonts and let ‘er rip.  Guess what, it didn’t work.  The form’s caption and menus changed, but the controls that I placed on the form did not.  What the heck??

Much debugging and gooling later, I discover that there are two places in the Display Properties dialogue where you can select Normal or Large Fonts.  If you use the most obvious place, namely the Appearance tab, only form titles, menus and certain system dialogues change.  If you use the Advanced dialogue on the Settings page everything changes.


Why there would be two settings for the same thing that give different results I can’t imagine.

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