Install ActiveSync for Windows hand held devices

I received my MC3000 scan gun yesterday, so I downloaded ActiveSync from Microsoft’s web site (click here to download it) . Like everything from Microsoft, it didn’t go smoothly. I started setup.exe and after a few seconds it stopped with a message like ‘installer interrupted’. I googled the error message and found out that if mapi32.dll is not the one that ships with Windows (or Outlook as the case may be) the installation will fail. Since I used Eudora as my email client and since Eudora replaces mapi32.dll to make itself the default email client the install didn’t work.

To fix the problem I started Outlook Express, which is configured to check if it is the default email client each time it starts. When it asked me if I wanted to make Outlook the default email client I answered ‘Yes’. After that the installation completed successfully.

The google article also mentioned a program, fixmapi.exe, which is supposed to be able to fix mapi32.dll if you can’t do it with Outlook. The program is supposed to be available here.

I later found out that changing the default email client back to Eudora after the installation is complete also breaks ActiveSync. It would appear as though you can’t have Eudora as your default email client and also use ActiveSync.

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