.Net Security and Shared Drives

.Net has the ability to restrict the permissions granted to executables based on where the executable is located.  Executables on a your local hard drive have different permissions than those on a shared drive or downloaded from the Internet.  I recently wound up banging my head against this for several hours after I had to re-install the .Net Framework.  That seems to have reset my local intranet (shared drive) permissions to something less than Full Trust.  To fix it I had to do this:

  • Start the .Net Framework 2.0 Configuration dialog.  This can be found on the Administrative Tools menu.
  • Click My Computer.
  • Click Configure Code Access Security Policy.
  • Click Adjust Zone Security.
  • Select the Make changes to this computer radio button and click Next.
  • Click the Local Intranet icon.
  • Change the security to Full Trust.
  • Click Next.
  • Click Finish.

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