Creating a VCL.Net Component in Rad Studio 2007

Creating a new VCL.Net component for Rad Studio seems to be pretty straight forward. A lot like creating an old style VCL for Win32 component in fact. Just following the instructions in the CodeGear help file (ms-help://borland.bds5/devnet/creatingnewvclnetcomponent_xml.html) will get you where you want to go with 2 exceptions:

  1. Nowhere in the help document do they tell you where the assembly’s DLL will be placed. Since you need to be able to find the DLL to be able to install the component, this is a bit of a show stopper. I finally found the DLL in C:\Documents and Settings\All User\Documents\Rad Studio\5.0\Bpl.
  2. They kind of gloss over assigning a namespace to your new component. You do this in the Directories/Conditionals page of the project options. Just make an entry in the Default Namespace field and that will be prepended to your component’s module name to make the full namespace of the component. In my case I set Default Namespace to LNSSoftware and the component’s module name to LNSEdit. Thus the final namespace becomes LNSSoftware.LNSEdit.

Simple when you know how.

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