Using Morfik to Build Smart Web Apps

As part of a never ending effort to stay on top of new technologies, I have started experimenting with Morfik. Morfik is a programming environment that allows you to build web applications using the programming language of your choice. Supported languages include C#, Object Pascal (Delphi) and Visual Basic. The entire web application can be built using these languages, in a single view of the source where both the browser side code and server side code can be written. There is no need to write or even understand Javascript or to write web services to accomplish your goal. All of this is hidden from you.

Morfik is still in its early stages and as a consequence the documentation is not the best and some things don’t always work the way they should, but overall it is a very impressive piece of technology.

I am going to try to keep up a series of articles outlining the things that I have learned about Morfik that are not necessarily written down anywhere.

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