Firefox 0×8001010e errors

I recently began encountering intermittent 0×8001010e errors when trying to display .ASP content from my web site in Firefox.  The problem didn’t manifest when using IE.  Googling the error code didn’t provide any solutions, but it did point out that the error had something to do with “marshalling” something to the wrong thread.  It was suggested that my application needed to be configured as its own “highly protected” application but doing this did not solve the problem.

After much head scratching and cursing, I began to wonder if Firefox might be keeping the connection to my web server open and somehow confusing IIS and my application.  I finally changed the network.http.keep-alive setting to False in about:config in Firefox.  This seems to have solved the problem for now.

It sure would be nice to know why that was causing a problem though.

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