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Delphi Compiler Versions

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

If you ever need it, here is the list of Delphi compiler version numbers:

Compiler CompilerVersion Defined Symbol
Delphi XE5 26 VER260
Delphi XE4 25 VER250
Delphi XE3 24 VER240
Delphi XE2 23 VER230
Delphi XE 22 VER220
Delphi 2010 21 VER210
Delphi 2009 20 VER200
Delphi 2007 18.5 VER185
Delphi 2006 18 VER180
Delphi 2005 17 VER170
Delphi 8 16 VER160
Delphi 7 15 VER150
Delphi 6 14 VER140
Delphi 5 13 VER130
Delphi 4 12 VER120
Delphi 3 10 VER100
Delphi 2 9 VER90
Delphi 1 8 VER80

To make use of this information in a Delphi program you can define conditionally compiled bits, like this:

{$if CompilerVersion >= 20} // Delphi2010 or later



{$ifdef VER200} // Delphi2010


Allowing Remote Control Without Showing An “Allow Access” Prompt

Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

Sometimes, it is useful to be able to remote control a session on a Windows terminal server without having to have the user respond to a prompt asking whether or not it is alright to allow you to take over control of his or her session.  This is particularly true if you need to take over the console session as there often isn’t anyone standing at the console to respond to the prompt.

To allow this to happen you need to change the setting of a group policy.  The location and name of this policy varies depending on the version of Windows that you are running.  In all cases you have to begin by start the group policy editor (gpedit.msc).

Windows 2008 R2

  •  Expand Computer Configuration, Administrative Templates | Windows Components | Remote Desktop Services | Remote Desktop Session Host.
  • Click Connections.
  • Right click Set rules for remote control of Remote Desktop Services user sessions and select Edit.
  • Click the Enabled radio button and under Options select Full Control without user’s permission.
  • Click Apply.