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Installing IBObjects into Rad Studio 2007

Thursday, October 16th, 2008

Installing IBObjects into Rad Studio so that the components appear in the Delphi tool palette is simple.  Just following the instructions in the help file.  However, getting the components to appear in the C++ tool palette is another matter altogether.

To get the components to appear on the C++ tool palette you need to make some changes to the projects for the design time packages.  Open each design time package (.DPR) project and open the project options dialog.  You need to select the Generate all C++Builer Files option in the linker section and you need to set the Search Path in the Directories/Conditionals section to the IBObjects source directory.

Once you have done these two things, just install the design time packages in the usual manner.   Simple when you know how but I spent an incredibly frustrating couple of days trying to figure this out.

Using Delphi Sets in C++ Builder

Monday, September 15th, 2008

I find myself having to do a project in C++ Builder. I have been using Delphi since Delphi 2 but have never had to do a VCL project using C++ Builder before. Mostly, it isn’t a problem. Just mentally convert from Delphi syntax to C++ syntax and away you go. Unfortunately, sometimes you run across something that is an integrated part of the Delphi language that has to be emulated in some other way in C++. Sets are one of those things. (more…)